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Whenever possible we avoid using any preservatives, only there are times that we have no choice. The good thing is there are now natural and even organic preservatives available that not only work but some of them offer benefits to the skin and hair all of them are *Formaldehyde *Paraben Free.

*Paraben and/or Formaldehyde Preservatives.

Parabens are Synthetic preservatives that are widely used in most cosmetic big brands and can have adverse effects on the skin and are known to be a cancer causing agents that penetrate the skin and enter into the blood stream. Another preservative is chemicals that contain Formaldehyde, it’s even more harmful than Parabens and are dangerous not just to us but the environment and ALL wildlife. There so harmful that there banned in many countries. But for some reason they are not banned here in the US. Why are they allowed, It’s simple there inexpensive and the massive comedic companies pay millions to lobby our government and yes they choose the money over the health of all life here on Earth.

We wanted to include ingredient’s we use including our view on preservatives and the ones sometimes used in products we make.