Chicago, IL 60634

This is about Me, my Story, my Journey and the Start of AKM Holistic.

I hope by sharing my story that others may be inspired. It will take time for me to finish this as my story is still unfolding, so ill start with a short version.


My Journey for a Holistic Life
After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 5 and several times’ in grammar school being taken to the emergency room including weeks on end being in the hospital, the teachers and school administrators were always afraid of me getting sick so they would not let me take gym, (back then gym was every day) so they would put me in the liberty where I found an old book on edible plants and their benefits. I was just a little girl and thought I could find a way not to be a diabetic. This is what started me on my journey for a holistic life.

The beginning of AKM Holistic
Part 1.  I started AKM Holistic years ago while I was homeless. I started by gathering American Ginseng, Goldenseal, dandelion root and selling it. That saved my life by helping me to get off the streets, go back to school to get my High School diploma (not a GED) then training as an Herbalist That’s why this is not just a job or something I teach, It’s every part of my life and who I am and the love I have for all life.

Part 2.   coming soon