Chicago, IL 60634

    As we build our space in Chicago on the web and with Etsy, bringing many of the products we offer, products that can be custom made based on what our customers need we want to say thank you for choosing only cruelty free.

    From my 20 years in private practice as a master herbalist I knew with the creation of AKM Holistic it would be not just be vegan but cruelty free and every one I work with would half to have the same values that I have and work with a Mission Statement.

    I could not get over just how hard that was. Most people go through life without ever thinking about where that product came from or what was done before bring it to market and then there are people that just don’t care. How can anyone not care abought our environment, animals or even their own body this is why we love our clients and customers. There the ones that look for products that no animals where hurt, that won’t hurt our environment, so anyone that finds us through Leaping Bunny or their partners we have a coupon code for 20% off anything you buy from us, it’s good until January 31 2016, with no limit and can be used over and over again. (It also works on etsy).

You can find the coupon code at